When Do You Need Storm Drain Cleaning?The day before Hurricane Harvey visited, a neighbor was cleaning the leaves out of the gutters, anticipating heavy rains. He was right; in addition to damaging winds, 24 hours later Southeast Texas traffic was paralyzed by flooding roadways and streets. You should clean your home’s gutters twice a year; more if you have heavier foliage. How often do you need to clean storm drains? There’s not much you can do when hurricanes dump water by the barrel onto our homes and properties, but if you clean your storm drains, you’ve done your part to help.

Storm Drains Defined

The New York Times said South Texas is traditionally “a place that that is easy to flood and hard to drain.” Storm drains are the openings in your yard that are covered by a grate. They are usually located in places where, during heavy rains, gravity will assist the water flow to a groundwater site that, in turn, directs the water to a bayou, creek, lake, or another type of safe water overflow location.

Why Storm Drain Cleaning is Important

If you have city service, the city is responsible for the drainage systems that lead from a shared street or roadway to a larger catch basin. But homeowners are responsible for the property drainage leading to the street. You can have several storm drain openings; rainfall from your roof’s gutters probably flow into a storm drain opening. If your storm drain is clogged, damage – sometimes extensive and expensive – can occur to your home.

Annual Storm Drain Cleaning

Twigs, leaves, and other debris can clog your storm drain. And if you have an active 4-year-old, toys and building blocks can effective “block” your storm drain too. Because we have the equipment you need to reach your unreachable clogs, we are often called for storm drain cleaning when homeowners see there’s a problem. Smart homeowners simply schedule an annual, fall cleaning to prevent problems.

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