What NOT to Do With Your Garbage Disposal - Myths ExposedDon’t be embarrassed if you believed the Facebook hoax about “Jayden K Smith.” A lot of us fell for that one! Most myths or hoaxes have some basis in reality – enough that they make sense. Believe it or not, there are even myths about garbage disposal maintenance. Here’s what you can’t put in your disposal:

  • Bones – No, they just spin around and make a lot of noise. Even if they appear to go down the drain, there’s a chance they will get stuck somewhere along the line. That’s a clog problem.
  • Celery, corn husks, and asparagus – These fibrous foods have strings strong enough to wrap tightly and tangle around your blade.
  • Coffee grounds – It looks like they go down the drain, but they like to clump and clog when you least expect it.
  • Egg shells and fruit pits – Eggshells and fruit pits will not sharpen the blades; they can damage the blades. Throw them in the compost pile.
  • Hot water – No, the temperature could melt fat in the disposal which would later solidify, causing a clog problem. Run cold water when running the disposal.
  • Ice cubes will sharpen the blades – No, they won’t “sharpen the blades,” but they won’t damage them and they’re great for knocking off stuck-on food!
  • Pasta – Water expands pasta. When pasta goes down your drain followed by lots of water, it can expand enough to clog pipes. Mama mia!
  • Potato peels – A few peels, yes. But large amounts of peels and pinto beans will eventually cause a clog problem.
  • Run only enough water to clear the sink – Run the disposal one minute after the foodstuff disappears to ensure proper drainage.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

The truth is, garbage disposal maintenance is more about what you don’t put down than what you do. If you notice an odor, put ½ cup of baking soda, 1 cup of white vinegar, and about 2 cups of ice. Turn it on while running warm water.

The more you know about garbage disposal maintenance, the more you’ll save on replacement costs!

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