When Your Pipe Bursts - How to Reduce Flood Effects IndoorsA small pipe leak could be a precursor to a burst water pipe, and you should take action immediately. That is if you see the leak. If broken pipes and clogged drains gave you a warning, you wouldn’t need emergency plumbing services!

Temporary Fixes

Gather the hamster and the other family pets and put them in the ark for safe keeping, because if you have a leaky pipe, you have a potential for the great flood. Contact us immediately. Here are some temporary fixes for a leaky pipe:

  • Clamps – The same clamps used on big boats and planes can be used on your pipes.
  • Epoxy – Use this as a temporary patch on cast iron pipes.
  • Rubber connectors – “Couplings” can be wrapped around the pipe to contain the leak.
  • Wraps – When used correctly, these wraps will harden around the pipe and temporarily patch the leak.

Reduce the Risk of Water Damage

Hopefully, you’ll be home when your pipe bursts and water damage is eminent. DisasterSafety.org says even if you’re not in a flood-zone-risk area, there are some protective steps you can take to minimize the impact of in-home flooding.

Electrical Components

All electrical components, (circuit breakers, sockets, switches, wiring) should be 12″ above the BFE (base flooding elevation) in your area. Ask your electrician to raise any too-low electrical components to reduce the risk of fire from short circuits during in-home flooding.

HVAC Equipment

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems can be expensive to repair or replace when they suffer water damage. Ask your HVAC professionals if it’s a good idea to relocate your HVAC equipment to a better location or to create a raised platform for it.

Sewer Backflow Valves

This is simply a good thing to do. We can install backflow valves that will block drain pipes temporarily and prevent the return flow of sewage into the house.

Schedule an Inspection

In-home flooding from a burst pipe can be prevented! Call Bradbury Brothers Services, 281.661.4281/936.756.5472, to schedule your spring inspection.