Well Punxsutawney Phil was right… a winter storm is coming – are you prepared? According to Matt Lanza at Space City Weather, we haven’t a cold snap like this since the 1980s. There are some preventative measures you should be taking in order to prepare ahead of time. You should also arm yourself with knowledge of what can potentially go wrong so that you are ready to handle anything that comes your way during the freeze. Save this page to your mobile device for easy access in case you need it.

Before the Freeze

There’s still some time. Use the below checklist to prepare your home.

  • Sprinkler/Irrigation Systems – Turn off and fully drain your sprinkler/irrigation systems.

  • Protect Your Pipes – Inspect your home and insulate any pipes that are exposed or prone to freezing. Use insulation, or even newspaper, blankets and/or trash bags.

  • Keep Out the Cold – Close off crawl spaces, fix drafty windows, and plug up any drafts around doors.

  • Locate Your Water Shut Off – Locate your main water shut-off valve now so that you are able to find it quickly in an emergency.

Right Before the Freeze

  • Bring Your Pets In – Grab Fido and snuggle! Your furbabies can’t handle this level of cold.

  • Run Your Water – Allow a small trickle of water to run to keep water moving through your pipes.

Winter Storm Coming - Are You Prepared?

If Your Pipes Freeze, Leak, or Burst…

  • Shut Off Your Water – The dangerous part of frozen pipes is when water thaws and flows back through – the increase in pressure can cause the pipes to burst.

  • Turn Back on SLOWLY – When your pipes have thawed, turn the water back on SLOWLY and monitor your piping for leaks/cracks cause by the freeze. If there are leaks, shut the water back off.

  • Call Bradbury Brothers – If you do suffer leaks, call us ASAP at 281-661-4283 or contact us here.

Stay home and stay safe. Texans (especially Houstonians!) are STRONG, and we will make it through this together!