Summer is here, so before it’s too late and you have any major problems, there are several things you should do to make sure you’re ready for the heat. Preparing your air conditioner for the strain of summer can help to extend its life and reduce the amount you pay in energy costs.

Test Your System

Switch your thermostat to “cool” and run your air conditioner for a brief period to verify it comes on and starts to cool your house. Testing your unit prior to actually needing it will keep you from having to make an emergency call at the first sign of unbearable temperatures.


Before you begin using your air conditioner full-time, be sure you have it inspected and serviced by a professional. Air conditioner tune-ups can not only extend the life of the unit and keep it running efficiently, but also help detect any potential problems that might cause an unexpected breakdown. If you learn it might be time for a new air conditioner, don’t wait! Unexpected breakdowns and reduced efficiency can add up in operating costs and cause unnecessary frustration for you. Bradbury Brothers offers flexible financing plans to help with the purchase of a new unit.

Change Your Air Filter

It’s important to change your air filter. Doing so regularly helps to protect the unit from a build up of dirt and debris and helps your air conditioner to run more efficiently.

Reduce Solar Heat Gain

While natural sunlight is a great way to warm your home in the winter, it works against you in the warmer months. During the day, keep blinds or drapes closed to reduce the amount of sunlight entering a space. Solar screens installed on the outside of windows also offer an effective means of keeping extra heat out of your home.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Consider switching to a programmable. Doing so can save you a lot in energy costs by setting it to only turn on your air conditioner when you need it most and to have it set back to a higher temperature when you aren’t at home.

Bradbury Brothers offers full service for cooling systems. Contact us any time, and we’ll have an expert answer any questions you have and provide any services you need.

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