Pros & Cons: Hard Water vs. Soft WaterUtah State University released water quality information that cited the value of hard water – and contrary to what many of us believe, hard water can be beneficial to our bodies! “Hard water” has high levels of calcium, magnesium, and other metals as part of its content. The more minerals in the water, the harder the water will be. If your water is “rusty” in coloring and taste, you may have high levels of copper or iron.

We know that hard water problems make it difficult to get a good lather for shampoo or showering, is a laundry wash issue (can stain clothing, making it harder to get clothes clean in the washer), and sometimes it smells bad. When you have hard water problems, you will be challenged by keeping sinks and fixtures clean; minerals can also build-up inside and on important appliances, like water heaters and ice makers. That’s why we think hard water is a bad thing.

Benefits of Hard Water

  • Calcium and magnesium are valuable nutrients.
  • Hard water is less likely to cause pipe corrosion.
  • Many say hard water tastes better.
  • Studies have linked hard water to lower cardiovascular disease mortality.

Hard water has less sodium than soft water. “Soft water can be a significant source of sodium and may be of concern to those who need to restrict their sodium intake for health reasons.”

Soft Water

An interesting website that compares “anything” cites all the problems associated with soft water: None. The sodium content of soft water pros outweigh the cons for most of us.

Bradbury Brothers Services: We Understand What Makes Texas Water Good

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