Buying a new air conditioner or heat pump brings the promise of energy efficient cooling and comfort. While the brand and energy efficiency of the new system do make a difference, many homeowners don’t realize that the A/C installation quality makes an impact on its short and long-term performance. Cooling systems are highly engineered and if any part of the selection itself or the placement is amiss, the system won’t perform as it should.

Quality A/C Installation Includes a Look at Sizing, Ductwork, Airflow and RefrigerantSizing a New Air Conditioner

As you interview HVAC contractors, choose one who will size the system using Manual J and D software for a complete load calculation. Going by the size of your existing equipment can be misleading and could result in an oversized or undersized system. The wrong size will increase energy consumption, decrease comfort and break down faster.

Ductwork Inspection

The ductwork needs to be assessed before the A/C installation to verify it matches the size of the new system. The team also needs to test it for leakage and seal any breaches for you to get the most efficiency. Ducts that are too large won’t have the pressure needed to distribute the air as well, and those that are too small are noisy and prone to developing air leaks.


The amount of air flowing through the air handler needs to be tested and adjusted so it meets the manufacturer’s specifications. Not enough air blowing over the evaporator coil may cause the evaporator coil to freeze, which harms the compressor and prevents the refrigerant from picking up the heat from your home’s air. Too much airflow blows the air past the coil too quickly, lowering the amount of heat the coil removes.


Central cooling systems need to have the refrigerant installed during installation. Make sure the installation team double-checks its level when installation is complete. Too much or little reduces its efficiency and can harm the compressor.

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