Septic Tank Maintenance - What You Need to KnowAs your local plumbers, Bradbury Brothers Services offers septic tank repair when your property’s septic system causes drainage issues. But if you take advantage of our commercial and residential maintenance services, you may not ever need expensive septic system repairs.

Septic Systems for ‘Dummies’

“A septic system is relatively maintenance-free,” says Home Maintenance for Dummies. But you may have inherited your septic system from a previous homeowner, so you might encounter problems for which you weren’t prepared. “Following a few simple rules should help make a septic system trouble-free for many years,” Dummies continues.

Do-it-Yourself Maintenance for Septic Tanks

Good maintenance begins with what goes into your septic system. The foodstuffs from your disposal are deposited into your septic tank, so it’s important to always control what gets put into the garbage disposal. Other maintenance tips that can keep your septic system clog-free include:

  • Don’t put
    • cigarette butts
    • coffee grounds
    • cooking grease/fats
    • “disposable” or “flushable” towelettes or diapers
    • heavy-duty paper towels

. . . into your garbage disposal or toilets.

  • Don’t use harsh household chemicals. Detergents, bleach, and other household cleaners shouldn’t cause problems, but toxic drain de-cloggers are bad for your family, the environment, and your septic system. Use our home-healthy recipe for challenging drain clogs.
  • Practice whole-house water conservation.
  • Professional inspection every 1-2 years is important. Request a diagram of your system and keep records on its maintenance.
  • Pump your septic tank every year for maximum efficiency; don’t go more than three years without pumping; this keeps your syst4em working better, longer.
  • Use a high-quality toilet tissue (Try the Dummies toilet tissue test to discover if your toilet tissue easily breaks down easily.).

Septic Tanks Service/Repair

Don’t wait for a problem to begin your septic tank maintenance program! Let’s do it now, while the Hurricane Harvey floodwaters are becoming a memory. We’ll help you understand the major factors that influence your septic system; those factors can decide how often you should receive pumping services:

  • Number of people/household
  • Septic/plumbing condition
  • Size of your septic tank
  • Volume of solids in wastewater
  • Wastewater generated average

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