Spring Maintenance Tips for Your HVACFor us, winter-to-spring isn’t such a big leap, weather-wise, but there’s something about spring that inspires us to clean closets, cabinets, and “freshen up” our homesteads following the waiting period that is winter. Spring maintenance and cleaning are simply what we do.

Filters are First

Spring maintenance for your HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system begins with clean filters. Don’t you enjoy the way your teeth feel after a professional cleaning? Well, that’s how your HVAC unit feels when you install a new air filter! Changing your air filter frequently helps keep your unit’s performance at maximum efficiency and sends cleaner air into your living spaces.

Stop Thinking . . . Start Acting

You’ve been thinking, every spring, about how you’d like to upgrade your air conditioning/heating system. It’s time to do that, and it’s been time to do that for over five years! Or you’ve been considering moving into the age of technology with a programmable thermostat; you can reduce heating/cooling airflow while you are at work and begin cooling or heating your home before you arrive. These are affordable investments that can reduce your monthly energy expenses. Why wait any longer?

Hindsight is 20/20

When your air conditioning unit goes down, it can get miserably hot in your home. Sometimes, it can become dangerously hot, especially for older adults and small children. There’s just no reason to wait for an emergency to replace your HVAC system. If you don’t need a replacement – if your unit has some good years left – you can trust Bradbury Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning, to be honest about it. Your trust is more valuable to our family because we want to serve your family for generations.

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