Steps to Help You Minimize Air Conditioner RepairsWith some of the highest temperatures in the world, Texans want no surprises with their air conditioning units. Many air conditioner repairs could have been avoided if professional inspection and maintenance had been scheduled before the heavy-use season.

You’ll Keep Your Cool With These Tips

Here are four easy ways to maximize your energy use and minimize the risks of air conditioner repairs:

  1. Alternate Cooling with Fans – Keep your air conditioner running, but raise the thermostat setting and use fans to increase air circulation during times of the day when you are more sedentary – at night or while watching television. Fans are inexpensive and are styled for any type of interior décor.
  2. Don’t discount the humidity factor – It’s tempting to keep your thermostat so high that it seldom runs or to program the “off” position during your work/school hours. But remember, the humidity here in Southeast Texas is intense and uncomfortable. Your AC unit also helps dehumidify your home, so a reduction in cooling means an increase in humidity.
  3. Maintenance – Experts say, “Preventive maintenance is one of the most crucial steps to your system working efficiently and keeping major AC repair at bay.” It’s true; routine maintenance saves you time and money.
  4. ‘Test Drive’ Your AC Unit – when you first turn on your air conditioner after it’s been idle for a while, test it at several temperature levels. First, set it a bit too high then gradually lower it to the level at which you feel comfortable. Even a small degree warmer can reduce your monthly energy costs.

Many of our longest, closest client relationships began with heating or air conditioning repairs. And now, those families and their families know that professional maintenance is key to reducing HVAC repairs or replacements. Bradbury Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning principals are people who live here and are active in this community so that we won’t risk our reputation with less-than-superior service. Call 281.651.5484, 936.271.2030, or contact us if you have any questions about ways to avoid heating and air conditioner repairs.