Tankless Water Heater Hazards You Should Keep in MindAll of us are in such a hurry to live life! That’s okay and it may explain part of the popularity of demand water heaters. No more tap-dancing in the corner of the shower, waiting for warm water: Tankless water heaters deliver hot water sooner, rather than later.

But it’s a myth that they deliver hot water “at the speed of light,” says Angie’s List. “It may be quicker than your old model, but to use the word ‘instant’ is over-exaggeration.”

Tankless Water Heaters are Safer, But…

Any appliance that is gas-powered has safety concerns. Overall, tankless water heaters are safer than storage tanks because there’s no large holding tank that can overheat or explode.

Storage tanks can have open flames and the tanks themselves can get hot; a definite hazard for small children and pets. Tankless water heaters don’t use pilot lights and most units have overheating sensors that can shut down the heating unit if the temperature gets too high.

Risks Associated with Tankless Water Heaters

Energy.gov is all about saving money, but the website recommends tankless water heater installation be done by a professional plumber rather than DIY (do-it-yourself). The factors that your licensed plumber will examine are fuel type, property location, local building code requirements, and safety issues. There are hazards associated with tankless water heaters, “especially concerning the combustion of gas-fired water heaters,” says Energy.gov.

Go Tankless This Year

It’s a strange world of language in which skating on thin ice
can get you into hot water.
-Franklin P. Jones

Families that use a lot of hot water can see 14% more energy efficiency with tankless water heating. You can almost cut your energy bills in half if you install demand water heaters at each hot water outlet.*

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