Target Allergy Triggers in Your Woodlands HomeOutdoor allergy triggers get a lot of attention in the spring and fall, but the allergens found inside a well-sealed home can cause considerable discomfort for those with sensitivities all year long. You can prevent unpleasant symptoms such as itchy or watery eyes, sneezing, a runny nose and congestion from making life miserable by targeting common triggers in specific ways:

  • Reduce the dust mite population – These eight-legged, microscopic creatures feast on dead skin cells found in carpet, bedding and upholstery. Since they survive by absorbing moisture from the air, the best way to reduce their numbers is to keep your indoor humidity level below 50 percent. Wash bedding frequently in at least 120-degree water, and put allergen-proof pillow protectors and mattress covers on all the beds too.
  • Control pet dander accumulations – A protein in animal dander is an allergy trigger for many people. Giving your pets frequent baths can reduce the amount of dander they shed. You should also dust and vacuum often, and keep the animals off upholstered furniture and out of the home’s sleeping areas to decrease your exposure.
  • Don’t let plant pollen indoors – Opening windows in the spring and fall lets pollen enter, but it can also be carried in on footwear, clothing and pets. Close the windows and run the A/C instead to filter the air and keep the indoor pollen count under control. Make it a habit to change clothing and footwear and wipe down pet(s) after being outdoors, too.
  • Curb mold growth – Fungi spores are everywhere in the air and on most surfaces, so it’s impossible to eradicate completely them from a home. Since they need moisture and warmth to proliferate, make sure you maintain indoor humidity between 30 and 50 percent. If your air conditioner isn’t removing sufficient moisture, ask your HVAC contractor to check whether it’s sized correctly and investigate your options for enhancing humidity control.

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