The Latest in Programmable Thermostat TechnologyHave you upgraded your HVAC system thermostat to a programmable model? Programmable thermostats are not just for convenience; they also increase your home’s energy efficiency so you can save as much as 10 percent a year on utility bills. Furthermore, technological innovations just keep coming that boost efficiency, convenience and ease of operation.

How Programmable Thermostats Help You Save

When you upgrade to a programmable thermostat, you can set a schedule for your HVAC system that lowers energy use when the home’s occupants are sleeping or away. Programming the thermostat means you stick to the schedule. You don’t have to remember to adjust the temperature, or be concerned that someone in the home has changed your programming.

Programmable thermostats are available in three models to fit your schedule: 7-day model, for those who have a different schedule every day; 5+2, for those who keep the same schedule during the week but change on the weekend; and 5+1+1, for those who have the same schedule during the week, but change on Saturday and Sunday. Programmable thermostat options may also include digital, backlit displays, hold/vacation features, touch panels, filter change indicators or malfunction indicators.

How Smart Thermostats Enhance Efficiency

Super high-tech smart thermostats allow you to control your home’s temperature through your phone, tablet or computer with an app. Some of these models use sensors to detect when occupants are home or away, and adjust the temperature accordingly. Others learn from the temperatures that the homeowner sets, and start adjusting for seasons, when the occupants get up or go to bed, when they exit the home or return. Still others will send homeowners an energy report for guidance on more efficient practices. Additional options include voice control, as well as display of indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.

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