Are you living in a home with an old-school manual thermostat? You know, the one with a dial or a digital display that doesn’t change the temperature unless you adjust it? If you’re happy with just leaving the same temperature 24/7, a manual thermostat is perfect for you, but this also means you’re probably okay with constantly having to fiddle with the thermostat, or you’re satisfied with high heating and cooling bills. Consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat, both for your own convenience and for lower heating bills.

There are a wide variety of programmable thermostat options, in terms of available features, versatility and scheduling options. One of your first decisions will be what sort of scheduling best fits your lifestyle and schedule.

Tips for Choosing the Right Programmable Thermostat and Putting It to Work EfficientlyProgrammable Thermostat Options

  • 7-day thermostat – With this model, you can preset a different schedule for every day, which is particularly helpful for individuals or families who don’t have routine schedules. Generally, these thermostats offer four different temperature periods per day.
  • 5 + 2 thermostat – This model lets you set one schedule for five days of the week — typically Monday through Friday — and a different schedule for both weekend days.
  • 5 + 1 + 1 thermostat – This thermostat model allows the homeowner to set one schedule for Saturday and another for Sunday, if you have the standard weekends off.

How Do They Save You Money?

The idea behind using a programmable thermostat is to take advantage of those times when the home is empty or when everyone’s sleeping and set the thermostat for less heating or cooling. A programmable thermostat saves you the trouble of constantly adjusting the temperature before you leave the house or go to sleep and then readjusting when you return home or awaken.

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