Top 10 Benefits of Electric Tankless Water HeatersWhether to buy gas or electric water heaters was the debate for years, with each having merits. But in this day and age, we’re making choices that are both economically and environmentally advantageous. After examining the pros and cons of tankless water heaters, on-demand – tankless – water heaters are the best option, hands down. They take up less space and can save as much as 50% on energy expenditure.

Advantages of Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Here in Texas, gas and propane are easy to come by, and electric on-demand water heaters operate basically the same as gas-powered units. So why do many homeowners and commercial businesses choose electric tankless water heaters?

Electric tankless water heaters . . .

  1. Are often cheaper to install than gas.
  2. Can be installed outdoors as well as indoors, including under cabinets or in a closet.
  3. Can be operated by remote control.
  4. Can have as many as 4 separate settings.
  5. Don’t produce greenhouse gases.
  6. Last 5 years longer than tank heaters.
  7. Minimize the possibility of damages due to flooding from a ruptured tank.
  8. Never run out of hot water.
  9. Use less energy because gas-fired tankless water heaters usually have a constantly burning pilot light.
  10. Use less energy because there’s no “standby” heat loss; hot water is on-demand.

But Wait – There’s More

Our friends at How Stuff Works remind us there are even more reasons to make the upgrade to a home electric tankless water heater, especially if you have youngsters bathing daily or tired bodies soaking:

  • A standard bathtub holds about 35 gallons; soaking tubs hold 45-80 gallons.
  • Natural gas is less expensive now but is expected to surpass electricity in the near future.
  • Water heating accounts for about 20% of your home energy budget.
  • Your storage tank heater will probably need replacement within 10 years. A tankless electric water heater unit should have a 15-20/year lifespan.

Are you hoping for family visitors for the holidays? Then, consider upgrading to a new, efficient tankless electric to save money and energy! Ask Bradbury Brothers Services about DIY (do-it-yourself) tankless water heater maintenance, too. Call 281.661.4283 to learn more.