Top 10 Sneaky Spots Where Allergy Triggers Hide Inside Your HomeThere might be a loaded gun inside your home! It’s not your six-shooter, it’s your air. The importance of indoor air quality is no longer debatable; we all recognize the health benefits of cleaner air. Change your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) filters frequently to improve the quality of ventilated breathing spaces.

Allergy Triggers in Every Room

The Mayo Clinic says there’s more to making your home allergy-free than changing your HVAC filters. Some allergens lurk inside rooms which can trigger one or all of your family’s allergy symptoms. Dr. Leo Galland says household items you should avoid/products you should stop using include:

  1. Cigarette smoke – Ban smoking in your home and on your property.
  2. Smoky fires – Wood soot generates an asthma trigger.
  3. Clutter-dust magnets – Remove piles of magazines, books, and newspapers.
  4. Park outside – Your garaged car’s exhaust and gust may be polluting your indoor air.
  5. Scented detergent/laundry sheets – Switch to unscented laundry products to reduce toxins vented into your air.
  6. Spray cleaners – Misted chemicals are dangerous. Switch to pourable cleaners.
  7. Vapors – Anything that has a serious warning label should be stored outside.
  8. New clothes – Wash before wearing; wash again if they still have a chemical smell.
  9. Fragrances – Up to 3,000 chemicals go into your scented body wash/spray, shampoo, makeup… Choose fragrance-free.
  10. Air fresheners – Rather than saturate the air with chemical vapors, take out the trash and change the kitty litter.

In the ‘60s, about one in 30 people suffered from allergies. Today, it’s more like 1 in 3. Pulling the trigger on allergens is critical to your family’s health! HVAC servicing may be our business, but Bradbury Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning has made and will make cleaner indoor air quality our priority for all our friends and neighbors in southeast Texas. Nearby areas and communities we serve include:

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