Top 5 Things You Need to Consider when Finding Trustworthy Plumbing ServicesWhoever is careless with the truth in small matters
cannot be trusted with important matters.
-Albert Einstein

If you’re like most people, you assume your service professionals are honest people. You believe they will be forthcoming and truthful about repairs and maintenance.

Many plumbing companies are successful because of the proficiency and training of their specialists. But the most important quality of any plumbing business is its reputation for trustworthy service. Because so many homeowners are not knowledgeable about residential plumbing services, they are vulnerable to being charged for work that isn’t necessary. How do you know if your plumber is trustworthy? Here are five things you need to consider when selecting plumbing services:

  1. Go local – If your plumbing company is locally owned and operated, chances are you’ll receive reliable, dependable information and service. If your plumber is invested in your community, he or she wants a reputation for trustworthy service and fair pricing.
  2. Experience matters – An established, reputable company works hard to stay in business. Knowing your plumbing contractor has survived economical ups and downs over the years lets you know that good business practices are the company’s foundation.
  3. Ask for references – Do some research on your own, asking co-workers and neighbors who they recommend, but also ask your plumbing contractor to provide references.
  4. Request estimates – Up-front pricing is another clue that your plumber is experienced enough to properly assess a repair, the materials needed and the cost. If your plumbing contractor isn’t willing to stop by and evaluate your whole-house plumbing, then he or she doesn’t deserve your business.
  5. Ask for proof of insurance – A plumbing services company representative should have licensing and insurance paperwork, as well as forms waiving you from liability, should a worker become injured performing work at your home.

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