Troubleshooting a Programmable ThermostatProgrammable thermostats are one of the ways homeowners are saving on heating and cooling costs today. They help us more efficiently minimize our use of one of our planet’s most precious resources – energy. A programmable thermostat is a win-win investment!

Troubleshooting Tips

Your first step is to check your home’s circuit breaker to see if anything has been tripped. If not, remove the thermostat cover and check the batteries. Most programmable thermostats have a low battery warning, but if yours doesn’t, make a point of replacing them, using high-performance batteries, every six months. Be sure to turn the unit off before you replace the batteries and remember to switch it back on afterward.

Remove the cover to check the fuse. It has a “filament-like” fixture that can separate following a power surge. If that appears to be the problem, carefully remove it and take it to your home improvement store to see if they carry a replacement.

If your problem is with the air conditioning, turn it off and switch to heating. (If you’re having heating problems, switch over to AC.) If the problem does not replicate when you’ve changed controls, then your thermostat is probably okay. You need to call your HVAC professional to inspect the system.

If the problem occurs with both the heating and air conditioning systems, you may need a new programmable thermostat. If it’s still under warranty, contact the manufacturer for a replacement. It might be wise to call your HVAC professional about programmable thermostat replacement, because if you replace the thermostat yourself, and you still have a concern, you’ll need an HVAC service call anyway.

Get Ready for Winter

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