Plumbing repair has more than its share of urban myths. One assumption is that all plumbers are going to scam you somehow. That’s true in a few cases, but the majority of professional plumbing contractors also have personal ethics they bring to every job. Other assumptions that need to be “unclogged” are plumbing repair and maintenance “tips” that don’t work!

Here’s an example of five common assumptions:

Unclogging Some Assumptions about Plumbing Repair
  1. Cleaning sink fixtures with soap and water work just fine, especially if it’s antibacterial soap.
    Soap won’t kill every surface contaminant, and it can be harmful to your fixtures. Take the time to rinse your faucet and handles, then wipe them off.
  2. In-the-tank, in-the-bowl cleaners make cleaning easier.
    Not really. Sometimes they simply bleach the buildup and scum, not eliminate it. Tip: Pour a ½ cup white vinegar down the tank’s overflow tube weekly.
  3. It may be slow, but if it flushes or drains okay, there’s no clog.
    Think of your plumbing as an arterial structure, like your body. If your draining slows, there may be a build-up of some kind clogging your pipes.
  4. Lemons and limes “clean” your garbage disposal.
    They don’t! In fact, the citrus juice can cause corrosion to the metal blades. Tip: Use ice cubes to loosen build-up and food waste.
  5. You don’t need plumbing maintenance.
    You put a virtual cocktail of cleansers, chemicals, oils, and hard water minerals down your drains every day. Without regular maintenance, punishment may not be swift, but it will be harsh: Emergency plumbing and replacing pipes costs more than routine maintenance visits.

There was a time when everyone waited for an emergency to call a plumber. Today, keeping your home’s plumbing operating at maximum efficiency is what people do. It saves money, time, and it saves our earth by maximizing our energy and resources. Complete plumbing repair and services begin with retaining your local plumber and establishing routine inspection and maintenance. For north and northeast Houston, that local professional is Bradbury Brothers Services. Call 281.661.4283 or contact us with any questions. Follow us on Facebook, too!

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