Understanding Water Filtration Systems – And Why They’re BeneficialMany homeowners no longer believe municipalities are responsible for local air and drinking water quality. Actually, they are, but their standards allow for some bacteria and contaminants. Testing your water quality may reveal you’re drinking water that is unsafe.

Because You Care: Houston-Area Water Filtration Systems

In addition to concern about your family’s health, hard water comes with its own set of problems. Your water filtration system should not only minimize contaminants but also stop hard water damage to your plumbing, skin, hair, and clothes. Types of water filtration options include:

1. Whole-House Water Filtration

Whole-house water filtration systems are the Big Kahuna of clean water. As you learn about whole-house filtration, you get a better understanding of how water and air quality are connected in our lives.

2. Carafe Water Filters

This might be great for single people, but isn’t a good option for a family that uses 80-100+ gallons/day.

3. Countertop Water Filters

Countertop water filters are more clog-free, but they use counter space. They may not be the best option for small kitchens.

4. Faucet-Mounted Water Filters

If you’re a DIYer, these are easy to install and a good option for cooking and kitchen drinking water. Unfortunately, they often have slow water flow and may not fit all faucets.

5. Refrigerator Water Filters

Almost every home has this as part of their side-by-side or freezer-bottom refrigeration. Consumer Reports says replacement filters can cost more than $50 and need to be changed about every 6 months.

6. Reverse-Osmosis Water Filters

These can create 3-5 gallons of waste for every gallon of filtered water. They remove a large variety of contaminants but also steal counter space.

7. Under-the-Sink Water Filters

These can filter a lot of water! They won’t clutter the counter, but they will take up a lot of under-the-sink cabinet space. You may need a local, professional plumber to install these.

We Care, Too

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