How to Unstick Your Stuck Plumbing FixturesIf someone is “stuck-up,” he or she has an aloof and superior attitude. No matter how great your plumbing fixtures may be, quality-wise, when your plumbing fixtures are “stuck-up” it’s usually because they are older and used frequently. As they should be. Plumbing contractors know how to “unstick” stuck-up fixtures, and you can too.

When minerals and water-borne materials accumulate, they can form a build-up that acts as a barrier to free-flowing water. If you’re a DIY (do-it-yourself) homeowner, don’t be discouraged by seemingly immovable valves and plumbing fixtures that won’t budge.

Stuck-Up Plumbing

To avoid unexpected tsunamis, turn off the water supply at its source before you begin your DIY project. Clean the area with white vinegar and use a scrubber on visible build-up. Tap the pipe(s) gently to loosen crusty deposits.

  • There are several oil-based products, similar to Plumbing Wrench* that unstick plumbing fixtures. Pour or spray the product on moveable parts and try to reach the threads. You might have to do this several times.
  • Metal expands when heated. Put your hair dryer on high heat and aim; the metal expansion may crack or loosen water deposits.
  • If nothing has worked, try using a real wrench. There are some risks involved if you use brute force: You can break the pipe, break the bolt, break the wrench, or strip the threads.

Help is a Phone Call Away

Plumbing fixtures are just one piece of your whole-house plumbing network. At Bradbury Brothers Services, it’s our business to know your home’s plumbing requirements now and what you will most likely need in the future. If you’re renovating or building a new home in 2017, let’s start the year off right with functional and attractive plumbing fittings that are affordable, too. We’ll work with your architects and other contractors to deliver superior products and service on-time, within budget.

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* Bradbury Brothers Services does not endorse nor recommend any product for DIY projects.