Water 101: Hard and Soft Water ExplainedLately, there is some debate by health-conscious homeowners about the value of hard water vs. soft water. Most of us know that hard water is “hard” on our clothes, appliances, even our hair and bodies.

Hard Water is ‘Elementary’

“Hard water” is water in its natural element, with a high level of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. The level of minerals determines how hard the water is.

Hard water is usually safe for drinking, but it may not taste good. Advocates say it is better; it can serve as a dietary supplement because of its high mineral content. Hard water problems include damage to your pipes and appliances, and it doesn’t do a good job of cleaning. It dulls your hair and can stain clothing and dishes.

Soft and Sweet

Soft water can occur naturally, too. Rainwater and granite-filtered groundwater is “soft water.” If you’re willing to handle the extra plumbing maintenance required by using hard water, you can receive natural health benefits.

Soft water tastes better to most of us, but its real value is cleaning. Your water heater won’t suffer from hard-water build-up and can last longer. Your plumbing, appliances, clothes, dishes…everything gets cleaner with soft water. The bad news is, old plumbing pipes can leach lead when soft water runs through them.

Water Filtration and Purification

If you’ve decided to go with soft water and vitamin supplements, your next step is to consider ways to soften hard water. There are several types of water filtration and purification systems available. Some target specific minerals and/or impurities. And some homeowners have water purification systems plus water filtration. For example, you can use a pitcher water filtration system for drinking water with a separate purification system.

Clean Water Without Compromise

You can compromise in many areas; buy cheaper gasoline for your car or get twist-tie bags instead of ziplocks. But no one  is willing to compromise their family’s health. Learn more about whole-house and point-of-use top-rated water filtration solutions available for your Northeast Houston home or business. Call 281-651-5484/936-251-2030 or contact Bradbury Brothers Cooling, Heating & Plumbing for more information.