Weather in Texas leads to Heating and Cooling ExtremesAs we like to say about the weather in Texas, if you don’t like it, stick around five minutes and it’ll change. From warm, soggy summers to the occasional blue norther in winter, our region has it all. That means being prepared for extremes in either season. Fortunately, there are some ways to beat the heat or cold and keep your energy bills in check.

Preparing for Extremes

So how do you prepare for weather that runs the gamut of hot and humid in the summer, to occasionally bone chilling in the winter? Home weatherizing is key. Weatherizing involves preparing your home for the worst weather Texas can dish up, and maintaining a safe, comfortable interior all year long. Professional energy assessment will help you determine how to beef up your home’s defenses against weather extremes, but if you’re not up for that, you can do your own assessment.

Air Sealing

Check for drafts around doors and windows, vents, electrical switches, recessed lighting and the holes in exterior walls that accommodate pipes, wires and cables. Drafts indicate unconditioned air is infiltrating; conditioned air may be leaking out as well. Seal leaks with caulk, weatherstripping or insulation.


Is your attic well insulated? Proper attic insulation keeps warm air from escaping through the ceiling during a cold snap, and keeps the house cooler during the warm months by preventing heat infiltration through the roof and attic and into the living space.

Insulation in walls is trickier to install, but it can be done. Add insulation if you suspect what’s in your walls is less than R-38 (the R stands for the thermal resistance value of the insulation).


High humidity in your home makes you feel hotter than you need to in the summer. Install exhaust ventilation in bathrooms and the kitchen and repair leaking plumbing right away. Proper ventilation in the attic reduces heat buildup.

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