What is a Trenchless Sewer System?How old is your property? Well, without getting into Jurassic numbers, how old is your house? Whatever its age, chances are your sewer system is just as old. If you razed an older structure to build new, some of the previous sewer system’s plumbing may still be in play. And if you have lovely, stately old trees on your property, you may have already dealt with root problems affecting your sewer lines. Trenchless technology for sewer system repair and replacement is a great option.

Pipe Bursting Can Be a Good Thing

Trenchless technology is subsurface work that doesn’t require a lot of interconnected trenching. It is used to replace or repair underground pipes with a minimal disruption to yards and streets. When you learn about installing a trenchless sewer system, it’s usually cited as a good repair option, and it is. A trenchless sewer system uses pipe lining and pipe bursting to repair and replace an older, buried pipeline.

Advantages of a Trenchless Sewer System

A trenchless sewer system repair means your entire yard won’t be ripped up to fix a plumbing problem! For homeowners who take pride in their lawn and gardens, this is huge. Cities find trenchless sewer system repair and replacement is a life-saver because previously, sewer system work involved massive excavation, closing streets, rerouting traffic, and very high labor costs.

When there’s a problem, the exposed piping and sewer system components can release biohazardous materials onto the ground surface and into the air. With trenchless sewer system repair (to put it plainly), the yukky stuff stays underground and is quickly contained.

If your plumber questioned you about where the sewer lines run in your yard, can you walk the property and show her or him? If you can, that’s probably not because you memorized the blueprints. Most likely, the soil over your sewer pipes has settled and you’ve got a visible depression in your yard. Using a trenchless sewer system, those telltale “lines” in your lawn won’t appear.

Trenchless sewer systems use CIPPs (cured in-place pipes). Tree roots won’t be a problem because they are saturated with a long-lasting root-inhibiting agent. Once in place, CIPPs are much less likely to get clogged again. Ever.

Contact Bradbury Plumbing Services before the problem begins! And if you’re building new in 2018, we’ll work with your architect to install a trenchless sewer system for your new home.