Why is My HVAC Really Loud?Noises don’t bother some people; others have an aggravating sensitivity to noise. According to science, you might be a genius if noise really bothers you! Your ice maker makes a loud sound when ice cubes are released, your aquarium filter hums and all of us appreciate the music of Houston traffic during rush hour (7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.), don’t we?

Noisy Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) System?

If you have a loud HVAC unit, it could be due to several reasons, including “nothing’s-wrong-I’m-just-a-loud-HVAC-unit.” Here are some HVAC system sounds and what they mean:

  • Loud humming noise – If your HVAC unit is working fine, you’ve simply got a noisy transformer. Causes include:
    • bad indoor fan motor
    • capacitor problem
  • Loud pop or bang sound – If your system has metal ductwork, this might occur when the fan starts and stops. This might be a DIY (do-it-yourself) fix. Causes include:
    • clogged filter
    • closed vents
    • undersized/flimsy duct; needs bracing
  • Loud scraping, metal-hitting-metal sound – This is the bad sound. Immediately turn the system off and call 281.651.5484. Causes include:
    • blower wheel broke
    • blower wheel came loose from the motor shaft; hitting the housing
    • motor mount broke; motor/blower assembly to dropped
  • Loud thumping or vibrating noise – This sounds a bit like an out-of-balance washing machine during the spin cycle. Causes include:
    • off-balance blower wheel
    • off-balance motor
  • Rattling, squealing or high-pitched sound – You could simply have a noisy check valve or meter. Causes include:
    • a dirty air filter
  • Rumbling noises – If you have a gas or oil-fired system, turn off the system and call 281.651.5484 immediately. Causes include:
    • bad motor bearings
    • broken motor mount
    • combustion problem
    • loose/broken/out-of-balance blower wheel
    • noisy refrigerant check valve/transformer
    • sheet metal duct-popping

Replace Your Loud HVAC Unit

Call 281.651.5484 or contact your Bradbury Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning professionals. Let’s discuss your options for a new HVAC unit this year! Your long-term energy savings and lower monthly heating/cooling bills will more than justify up-front investment.