Why It Might Be Time to Consider Upgrading Your Programmable ThermostatThe commonly heard “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is applicable in most situations, but when it comes to upgrading your programmable thermostat, it’s okay to make an exception. If you’re looking for ways to lower your monthly energy bills without investing a small fortune, installing a new thermostat and programming it in accordance with your family’s schedule is a great place to start. 

Why Upgrade?

Today’s newer, sophisticated programmable thermostats take control over the heating and cooling system, remembering what temperature you want your home to be and when, and adjusting it accordingly. Additional benefits of this new technology include:

  • Remote access. WiFi programmable thermostats allow you to adjust the device from an Internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer. This is particularly handy for last minute schedule changes or extreme weather.
  • Increased comfort. With a programmable thermostat, you can wake up or arrive to a home that’s just the right temperature every day of the week.
  • Reduced energy usage. Program the thermostat to an energy-saving setpoint for times when you’re home and awake, and several degrees lower in the winter or higher in the summer, when you’re asleep or away.

Choosing a New Thermostat

Select the model that best suits your family’s schedule:

  • 7-day programming is best suited for families who operate on a different schedule each day of the week.
  • 5+2 programming allows you to set a standard program for Monday through Friday and a different one on the weekend.
  • 5+1+1 programming is ideal if you have a set schedule during the weekdays, but varying schedules for both Saturday and Sunday.

Options for Programmable Thermostats

Today’s programmable thermostats offer a host of advanced features, including:

  • Backlit display panel
  • Relative humidity reading
  • Battery backup
  • Indicator lights for a low battery, air filter replacement or maintenance reminder
  • Vacation mode
  • Touch screen controls
  • WiFi accessibility
  • Keyboard lock

For information or assistance upgrading your programmable thermostat, or for other home comfort concerns, call the experts at Bradbury Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning. We proudly serve homeowners in The Woodlands and surrounding areas.

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