Zoning Systems Give Homeowners Optimal Temperature ControlDon’t count yourself alone if you find your home has places that aren’t as comfortable as others. Instead of compensating by adjusting the thermostat for those spaces, consider zoning systems. They work by heating and cooling only the parts of the home that need it at any point in time.

How Zoning Systems Work

A zoning system uses motorized dampers in the ductwork that open when a particular zone needs conditioning. Individual thermostats control when each zone damper opens and closes to supply the required conditioning. Using a zoning system with a variable-speed or two-speed HVAC system helps control the amount of airflow that goes to each zone, based on the conditioning load at any time. In many cases, HVAC professionals can convert an existing HVAC system to one that’s zoned by retrofitting the ductwork.

Have Any of These Home Features?

Homes with these features benefit the most from zoning systems:

  • Two or more stories
  • Raised ceiling plates or vaults in some of the areas
  • Large expanses of windows in some locations
  • Spaces that aren’t used frequently
  • Family members whose temperature preferences are different

Each of these conditions creates a challenge because they present different thermal loads. In multi-story homes, the top level is always warmer, and one with high ceilings in some spaces needs more conditioning. Closing off a space in a home by blocking the registers and shutting the door can harm HVAC systems; the increased pressure inside the ductwork can cause duct leaks.

Benefits From Zone Control

A zoning system will lower energy bills by conditioning only the places that need it. When used with a programmable thermostat, the energy savings will be even higher because they manage setbacks automatically. Since the HVAC system won’t be running at full speed whenever it runs, it increases its system life. Such a system also ensures that everyone can set individual comfort levels without affecting others.

The pros at Bradbury Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning can help you learn more about zoning systems and their fit for your home. We provide trusted HVAC services for homeowners in and around The Woodlands area.

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