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HVAC Fall/Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

You don't need fall/winter home maintenance in Texas, right? Remember Winter Storm Uri? Most of us enjoy winter because it brings the kind of weather we don’t see much of here in Southeast Texas. But devastating conditions are possible, as we saw earlier this year, and it's best to be prepared. Our friends at [...]

What You Need to Know About Surge Protectors Before Hurricane Season

With hurricane season bearing down on the Gulf Coast, it’s easy to forget about the hazards big storms create with regard to power outages and electrical surges. Home maintenance steps before or during hurricane season should include installing whole home surge protectors to protect sensitive, expensive electronics, home entertainment enters and HVAC equipment, including central [...]

August 6th, 2021|Blog, Electrical|

Things to Consider in a New A/C Installation

A new A/C installation can last anywhere between 10-20 years near The Woodlands. Whether you are a first-time homeowner or a retiree with plenty of property notches in your belt, at some point you’ll have to consider a new A/C installation. Here’s what Angie’s List says you should know: Use an accredited HVAC (heating, ventilation, [...]

August 1st, 2021|Blog, HVAC|

Repair or Replace: Tips for Making a Decision About your HVAC System

The reason you need to partner with a local HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) contractor is simple: The appliances and the systems associated with HVAC are complicated and ok, expensive to repair or replace. You should be well informed before making a decision about your HVAC system. It’s important your North Houston HVAC contractor be [...]

July 1st, 2021|Blog, HVAC, HVAC System|

5 Signs Your IAQ May Be Unhealthy

Your IAQ (indoor air quality) may be unhealthy. IAQ is just as important as keeping kitchen and bathroom surfaces clean from harmful bacteria. Perhaps we take it for granted because poor air quality isn’t something we can see. “Out of sight, out of mind,” can mean your home or office air quality could be unhealthy, [...]

Whole House Air Filters vs. Room Purifiers

Indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental health risks. -U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Homes, commercial businesses, and offices can benefit from the advantages of cleaner air with the ongoing threat of COVID-19. Air cleaning and filtering devices are designed to remove pollutants from indoor air. Indoor Air Pollutants The quality of [...]

How to Find a Hidden Water Leak in Plumbing Pipes

“What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” That’s a less than stellar idiom to begin with, but when applied to plumbing pipes, it’s downright dangerous. If a hidden water leak is unattended, you could be in a world of pain when you discover the damage it can do. Winter Storm Uri was one for the [...]

Winter Storm Coming – Are You Prepared?

Well Punxsutawney Phil was right... a winter storm is coming - are you prepared? According to Matt Lanza at Space City Weather, we haven't a cold snap like this since the 1980s. There are some preventative measures you should be taking in order to prepare ahead of time. You should also arm yourself with [...]

How to Cut Your Utility Bills in Half

2020 brought quite the financial strain on our economy. One thing to consider in order to save your money is learning how to cut your utility bills in half. We have good news for you: it's definitely possible. Now more than ever, it's so important to save every penny. Here are some tips to help [...]

Protect Your Plumbing This Winter

Our area’s older, historical homes are built to last! There are also many beautiful, well-constructed newer homes in Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery, Oak Ridge North, Shenandoah, Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball and surrounding northern Houston communities. Home construction is year-round in Texas, and it’s not surprising that many home builders don’t take into consideration the possibility of [...]

December 10th, 2020|Blog, Plumbing Tips|

What is That Smell When My Furnace Comes On?

You’re probably familiar with that burning smell emitted through the vents the first time your furnace is turned on for cooler weather. It’s most likely burning dust. That’s not exactly what you want for your IAQ (indoor air quality), but it’s harmless enough if you don’t have severe allergies or sensitivities to dusty air. [...]

November 13th, 2020|Blog, Furnace|

Health and Safety: 3 Things To Check Every Fall

With the advent of winter, testing carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors and your heating system go a long way toward assuring your family's health and safety. This is especially true if you use any natural gas appliances or have an attached garage. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, two-thirds of house fires occur during [...]

October 5th, 2020|Blog, HVAC System, HVAC Tips|

Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

Are you have air conditioning problems? Here are some things to check before calling for service. AC Unit Won’t Come On Sometimes mysteriously, an air conditioning unit won’t come on, but the fan inside the home seems to be working OK. There can be several reasons for this. The first thing to check is your [...]

The Value of Regular HVAC Maintenance

A cooling and heating system can be a little tricky when it comes to how well it’s performing. Most homeowners don’t know there is a performance problem with their AC system until it stops working. It is so important that you perform regular maintenance on your air conditioning system, for this reason. Maintenance Saves Money [...]

If You Neglect Your HVAC Unit, You Can Expect These Losses

Your home is an investment and possibly your largest asset. Most homeowners protect their property because they want it to hold or appreciate in value. When considering appliance purchases, you probably look for quality, longevity, and cost-savings. Today we look for energy efficiency; another way to save money. HVAC Preventative Maintenance Surprise! Emergency appliance [...]

July 27th, 2020|Blog, HVAC, HVAC System|

What to Look for in Your Next HVAC System

We Texans are tough; just ask any Texan. Unfortunately, our homes and interior appliances aren't always as tough. Things can deteriorate quickly in this extreme weather. Your HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system may be one of the hardest working pieces of equipment in your home. When it’s time to handle HVAC problems in Southeast Texas, [...]

July 20th, 2020|Blog, HVAC|

When Your A/C Won’t Kick On: Common Issues

Most of us turn on the air conditioner sometime in the spring, when it’s slightly warm but not yet swelteringly hot. Other U.S. states need food, air, and water to survive, but here in Southeast Texas, we need food, air conditioning, and water. So, you change the thermostat setting from heat to cool, wait [...]

July 13th, 2020|Air Conditioner, Blog|