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How to Find a Hidden Water Leak in Plumbing Pipes

“What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” That’s a less than stellar idiom to begin with, but when applied to plumbing pipes, it’s downright dangerous. If a hidden water leak is unattended, you could be in a world of pain when you discover the damage it can do. Winter Storm Uri was one for the [...]

Winter Storm Coming – Are You Prepared?

Well Punxsutawney Phil was right... a winter storm is coming - are you prepared? According to Matt Lanza at Space City Weather, we haven't a cold snap like this since the 1980s. There are some preventative measures you should be taking in order to prepare ahead of time. You should also arm yourself with [...]

Unclogging Some Assumptions about Plumbing Repair

Plumbing repair has more than its share of urban myths. One assumption is that all plumbers are going to scam you somehow. That’s true in a few cases, but the majority of professional plumbing contractors also have personal ethics they bring to every job. Other assumptions that need to be “unclogged” are plumbing repair [...]

What to Do if Your Bathroom or Laundry Room Flood

A handywoman was determined to fix the faucet in her bathroom. When she had the correct part and installed it – with the water off at the main, like you’re supposed to do – her husband positioned himself near the main valve. “In the amount of time it takes to yell, ‘Turn the water [...]

December 30th, 2019|Blog, Plumbing Emergencies|

Proper Plunger Technique – Dos and Don’ts of Plunging

Don’t get us wrong; we are happy to visit your home when you need plumbing services. At the same time, when your kitchen or bathroom sink is clogged, you need to do the right thing or risk damaging your pipes. Then, you will have no choice. You have to call us. Before Using a [...]

Top 5 Tips for Help with Hard Water in a Toilet Tank

Hard water can be a problem in Texas, and if you don’t know how to stay on top of it, you’ll have plumbing problems that might even lead to replacing your toilet. In Conroe, for example, calcium and magnesium are naturally occurring drinking water minerals and can be present in enough quantity that the [...]

How to Know When Your Garbage Disposal Needs to be Replaced

Garbage disposals should last longer than you would think. Most come with a warranty, but if your disposal was already in place when you bought your home, you might be unclear about its age. A garbage disposal can last 8-15 years. A twelve-year lifespan is average. You May Need a New Garbage Disposal if . [...]

FAQs: Why Does Water Drain Slowly in My Kitchen Sink?

At Bradbury Brothers Services, we get a lot of FAQs (frequently asked questions), and one of them is, “Why does it take so long for the water to drain from my kitchen sink?” Drain clogs are the usual culprits in any slow-draining sink or tub. Drain Clogs Revisited We always tell our friends and neighbors [...]

Pros & Cons: Hard Water vs. Soft Water

Utah State University released water quality information that cited the value of hard water – and contrary to what many of us believe, hard water can be beneficial to our bodies! “Hard water” has high levels of calcium, magnesium, and other metals as part of its content. The more minerals in the water, the harder [...]

When Your Pipe Bursts – How to Reduce Flood Effects Indoors

A small pipe leak could be a precursor to a burst water pipe, and you should take action immediately. That is if you see the leak. If broken pipes and clogged drains gave you a warning, you wouldn’t need emergency plumbing services! Temporary Fixes Gather the hamster and the other family pets and put them [...]

Leaky Toilets Can Drain Your Bank Account – Don’t Let It Happen to You!

It’s not always easy to tell where a toilet leak is originating. Typically, it’s due to a toilet flapper or valve seal becoming old and/or worn out, but there are other reasons you may have a leaky toilet or two. Even a little leak can hurt your bank account: a running toilet can waste hundreds [...]

Your Garbage Disposal is Leaking! What Do You Do?

If left unfixed, a leaking garbage disposal is more than a mess – it can lead to other, bigger problems. Even the most trustworthy garbage disposal can develop the occasional leak. A leak doesn’t always mean replacing the unit, so do a little troubleshooting before rushing to buy a new one. All garbage disposal units [...]

What Should I Do with Appliances After My House Flooded?

If a tropical storm hits the Gulf Coast of Texas, the salt water can’t – shouldn’t – get to where we live. Unfortunately, flooding in this area of Southeast Texas is not an unusual event. If you are faced with in-home flooding, you’ve got a lot to deal with, and one of your issues may [...]

After-Effects of a Flood – Steps to Take to Recover

It doesn’t matter if it’s a flood from overflowing creeks and bayous or if it’s a flood from a broken water pipe, as long as your family and pets are safe, it’s something you can handle. In fact, you’d almost be grateful if you suffered a laundry room flood rather than a whole-house flood; at [...]

Keep Your Home Safe: Plumbing Appliance Product Recalls, 2015-16

Along with everything you do to keep your family safe and your home comfortable, it doesn’t seem fair that you should have to check product recalls as well as schedule annual dental, dermatology, veterinarian, HVAC maintenance, etc. appointments. You don’t have to check IF, when you purchased a product, you filled out the little white [...]

Think Again About Using a Liquid Drain Cleaner for your Clogged Drain

You’ve got a clogged drain. Of all the terrible things that could go wrong with your home’s plumbing, a clogged drain seems simple enough for a DIY (do-it-yourself). “Bypassing the plumber for a bottle of drain cleaner can do more harm than good,” says Chicago plumbing professional Tyler Diciolla. First, Do No Harm Angie’s List [...]

How Exactly Does a Toilet Pump Work?

We take the humble toilet for granted when it works. When it doesn’t work, there is gloom and misery for all concerned. The toilet isn’t a complicated nor complex machine, and its parts are simple and efficient. Toilet Parts The toilet bowl has a siphon that is attached to a pipe with a u-bend. The [...]

Damaged Plumbing Pipes? Call Your Plumber

Our northern neighbors may have more experience with frozen plumbing pipes than we do, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less of a problem when we have a big freeze here in Southeast Texas. When your property suffers from frozen pipes, call your plumbing professional before they crack or burst. Once they break, you’ve got [...]