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Bradbury Brothers has aimed to fulfill our mission statement of keeping our customers comfortable and safe, and helping them save money, from the very beginning. Our top-notch electricians offer top-notch, quality, and professional comprehensive electrical repair services in The Woodlands, TX and surrounding areas. Call us today for an appointment.

Electricity is something most of us don’t think about on a daily basis, although we use it almost constantly. Electrical problems can be potentially dangerous to your family. Taking a preventative care approach to your home’s electrical systems can help you catch small problems before they become large emergencies, and usually the fix will help you save some money on your electric bill as well. Bradbury Brothers electrical is here for you with decades worth of experience to take care of all of your electrical needs.

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Whether you are experiencing electrical issues in your home or commercial building, our professional electricians are just a phone call away!

Our electrical services include the following:

Bradbury Brothers electricians are “top of their class” and deliver high quality service our customers deserve! All of our electricians are licensed, drug-tested, background checked and factory trained. They will arrive in our branded company vehicles, wearing our company-identified uniforms and photo badges.

  • What should I do if my breaker keeps tripping? 

    If you’ve tried resetting the breaker (flipping it to the “off” position and back to the “on” position) and it keeps tripping, you need a professional. It could be that you have too many electrical appliances plugged in. However, you could also have a much larger electrical issue happening. Bradbury Brothers electricians can help find your issue and come up with solutions that work best for you.

  • What is a GFCI? 

    A GFCI, or ground-fault circuit interrupter, is a type of electrical outlet that protects against electrical shock. These are essential to have in rooms with water, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. GFCIs monitor the amount of power going to electrical devices while plugged in, and will immediately shut off if there is any imbalance in the current.

  • Why do my lights flicker at home? 

    Flickering lights could be as simple as a light bulb that’s ready to be changed, or a potentially dangerous electrical problem. Try replacing the bulb fist, but if the flickering doesn’t stop, call a professional right away to ensure your systems are wired safely.


With our fleet of fully stocked vehicles, if any electrical problem arises, we’ll be ready to take care of your family’s needs. We always confirm our appointments and call before we arrive.


We come to you when it fits your schedule not ours. A live person is always there to answer our phones and get your electrical repair scheduled 24 hours of the day/7 days of the week/365 days of the year.


Bradbury Brothers treat our customers and their homes with care. We wear shoe covers and lay protective floor coverings if needed. We keep our work areas neat and tidy and always clean up when we’re done. We give you and your home the respect you deserve.

Call our licensed and highly trained electricians for all of your electrical needs. Trust the electricians at Bradbury Brothers for fast, professional, quality electrical repairs in The Woodlands, TX, and surrounding areas.