EV Charging Station Installation Company

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular; and in light of new proposed legislation, car manufacturers are being mandated to produce more and more of them. If you are thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle (EV), you should also consider the cost and convenience of having your own home charging station for your Tesla or any other EV car.

Bradbury Brothers has the certified, licensed electricians that can provide the EVSE solution you need.

Having an EV charger installed can make it convenient for you to charge your electric vehicle and can add value to your home. The average cost to have an EV charging station installed ranges from $1,500-$2,500, but at Bradbury Brothers, our installation costs typically range from $1,500-$2,000. However, the cost to have an EV charger installed varies depending on whether you want a Level 1 charging station or a Level 2 charging station installed.

Bradbury Brothers provides quality EV charging station installation services from licensed professionals. To find out more about our EV charging station services, contact us today.

EV charging stations cannot be installed without the proper license, tools and knowledge. If you want an EV charging station installed, you’ll need to have yours installed by a licensed professional with experience in installing EV charging stations. In addition to violating code regulations, installing an EV charger yourself can make your charger unsafe to use and can void your warranty. Having an EV charging point installed by a professional will make sure you can use it safely and all regulations are followed.

If you’re thinking of having an EV charging point installed, Bradbury Brothers can help you get started. Call us today for more information on our EV charging station services.

You should not have a Level 3 EV charger installed at your home. They are usually very expensive to install and the voltage of Level 3 charging stations is much higher than most residential properties can handle. Level 3 chargers are reserved for commercial properties. Currently, Bradbury Brothers does not install level 3 chargers.

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Why not just use public EV stations?

Many areas of the country that have a lot of electric cars on their roads have built an infrastructure that includes many public stations; so dependent on the area you live in and the amount of daily driving you do, public stations may be adequate for you.

But if you have anxiety and a fear of getting stranded, you may want to at least look into having your own personal EV charging station.

What type EV charging station do I get?

A Level 1 charging station uses a 120 volt plug and doesn’t require a professional install. It’s portable and requires you have plugged in for up to 12 hours to charge a battery (usually overnight).

A Level 2 charging station uses 240 volts like what is required for a dryer or air conditioner. It only requires 4-6 hours and as expected are more expensive.

Electric Car Charging Station Installation Cost

The average cost for installing a standard EV charging station near The Woodland is between $1,500 and $2,500.

The cost of a 240 volt station is between $250 and $750 for a top of a line. And there are additional materials and EVSE supplies needed like new circuits, attachment plugs, vehicle connectors and conduits and outlets.

Then you will definitely need to have the installation done by a licensed professional electrician and that cost will vary dependent on the application and your existing electrical panel.

Some electricians charge by the hour and depending on their experience, that can have a wide range. Better to get an experienced, licensed professional that will offer you a flat rate. Most quality electrical companies will give you a free estimate after visiting your home.