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When your air conditioner and furnace run efficiently, you save energy. When you save energy, you save money. When your air conditioner and furnace run properly, they don’t break down and they last longer. When they last longer, you save money. That’s why recommend an annual air conditioner tune up and an annual heater tune up.

Yearly tune-ups on your heating and air conditioning system will in most cases save you more on utility costs than the price of the tune-up. That makes sense. Even more importantly, tune-ups guarantee your family’s safety and comfort. That makes even more sense.

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Benefits of Bradbury Brothers AC & Heating Platinum Club:


    Regular maintenance decreases your chance of breakdown. Should you be faced with an unexpected problem with your air conditioner or furnace, Club members go right to the top of the list.


    Club members receive a 50% discount off any repair diagnostic fee and 20% discounts on any parts or labor for AC or heating repair and maintenance. That includes filters and any other regular maintenance items.


    All parts and workmanship are warranted for 180 days (instead of 30 days) when you’re a Bradbury Brothers Platinum Club member.


    50% of your Club membership cost accrue toward the future purchase of a new heating and air conditioning system when the time comes to replace.


    Club memberships are transferable to your new home or the new owners of your current home should you move.

Work Performed on all Platinum HVAC Tune-ups:

  • Check and program thermostat – an improperly calibrated and programmed thermostat will call for more or less heating or air conditioning than desired.The former will cost you money and the latter will cost you comfort.
  • Verify all electrical connections – Loose connections cause improper voltage to various components, making them either inoperative or causing eventual failure. Our service technician will visually inspect all electrical components and wiring for hazardous conditions or potential failure.
  • Lubricate all moving parts where necessary – Poor lubrication causes drag in the motor and drive shaft, thereby requiring more current to overcome resistance. Lack of lubrication can ruin the bearings and burn out the motors.
  • Test all safety controls/safety detectors – This inspection is essential for proper protection of your HVAC system as well as your family’s safety.
  • Balance airflow – If your duct system includes manual airflow dampers, we will adjust these dampers to balance the airflow at your HVAC tune-up for either the heating or air conditioning season.

  • Assess plenums and ductwork – This will help find problem areas that may be causing inefficiency, but may not be readily visible. Leaks in the ductwork in your attic bring unhealthy air into your home.

  • Evaluate HVAC system performance and make recommendations – Our technician will review and make recommendations of items or services that will lower utility bills, extend the life of your system, and improve indoor air quality.

Also Included with Air Conditioning Tune-Ups:

  • Take vital readings – By checking the A/C refrigerant levels, indoor relative humidity, and air temperature differences, an air conditioner tune up will tell us whether the system is conditioning your home efficiently. Improper refrigerant charge, too much or too little air flow, could cause damage to the air conditioning system and increase electric bills.

  • Check voltage and amperage on all motors – Improper voltage and amperage can reduce the life of the compressor and condenser motor.

  • Test starting capabilities – This assures your air conditioning system will start and operate when needed.

  • Verify condensate drain – A clogged condensate drain can cause severe water damage to your home and equipment as well as affect indoor humidity levels.

  • Inspect condenser coil – Foreign material on the condenser coil reduces the life and capacity of the A/C system.

Also Included with Heater Tune-Ups:

  • Take vital readings – The air flow and gas pressure in your furnace must be checked and adjusted for proper temperature rise. That’s what we do as part of the heating system tune up. A properly set temperature rise ensures optimal performance and maximum efficiency of your heating system.

  • Check voltage and amperage on all motors – Improper voltage and amperage can reduce the life of the furnace blower and inducer motor.

  • Verify burner operation – The pilot light and burners must be clean and adjusted for proper ignition, flame pattern and color indicating complete combustion.

  • Assess heat exchanger – To avoid the possibility of creating carbon monoxide in the home, the furnace heat exchanger must be inspected regularly for cracks and wear.

  • Inspect flue – To assure proper draft and to prevent flue obstructions, it must be inspected regularly and cleaned as needed.

We maintain systems in The Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery, Oak Ridge North, Spring, Tomball and all surrounding areas.