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Bradbury Brothers has provided quality, professional residential and commercial plumbing services in The Woodlands, TX, and surrounding areas for decades. Call us today for fast service.

Plumbing emergencies don’t give you a warning or a heads up when they are going to happen. You need to be prepared for these unfortunate events when they happen. Bradbury Brothers plumbing is there for you with over two decades of experience and a long list of licensed plumbers that will be there to take care of all of your plumbing services.

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Plumbing Services

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Just pick up the phone and one of our licensed plumbers will be there to discuss any of the services below such as:

Plumber Services

We aim to give you top notch service at a reasonable and affordable price. We have a long list of services we provide to our customers but please do not hesitate to ask if there is something not mentioned that you may need done. We will do everything in our power to accommodate you and your family.

  • Do you install “instant” water heaters? 

    We absolutely install tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters provide an endless supply of hot water and usually have a longer lifespan. They generally take up less room than traditional tank-style water heaters and provide cleaner water, too. Not only will you see a significant reduction in your energy bill, you are making an environmentally friendly choice at the same time.

  • What should I do if I smell gas in my home? 

    Call your utility company ASAP. Gas and/or carbon monoxide leaks are very dangerous and can be deadly. Your utility company will be able to shut off the appliance or utility with the leak, and advise you on your next steps.

  • Can a plunger cause damage

    A plunger should only be used in certain cases. Don’t use one if you have poured chemical drain opener into the drain (it could splash back and cause a chemical burn). Also, don’t use excessive force, as too much pressure can damage the drain line connection and ruin the trap. If you do decide to use a plunger, be sure to block the overflow drain with wet dishcloths. Position the plunger directly over the drain and firmly plunge down and up several times. On your last plunge, use a little extra strength to jerk the plunger upward and out. If plunging doesn’t work, try a plumber’s snake.


With our fleet of fully stocked vehicles, if any plumbing problem arises, any time day or night, we’ll be ready to take care of your family’s needs. We always confirm our appointments and call before we arrive.


We come to you when it fits your schedule not ours. A live person is always there to answer our phones and get your plumbing repair scheduled 24 hours of the day/7 days of the week/365 days of the year.


Bradbury Brothers treat our customers and their property with care. We wear floor savers on our shoes and lay protective floor coverings if needed. We keep our work areas neat and tidy and always clean up when we’re done. We give you and your home the respect you deserve.

We provide plumbing repairs in The Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery, Oak Ridge North, Magnolia, Pinehurst, Shenandoah, Spring, Tomball and all surrounding areas.

Call our certified and highly trained technicians for all of your plumbing needs. Trust the plumbers at Bradbury Brothers for fast, professional, quality plumbing repairs in The Woodlands, TX, and surrounding areas.