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When your home plumbing system functions properly, you think very little about it. However, if your Magnolia area home has old, failing plumbing pipes, then pipe repairs and water damage can disrupt your home and add stress to your routine. Bradbury Brothers plumbers put an end to the stress and worry with expert plumbing repiping services.

Every once in a while our North Houston weather can change quickly and when it does you may need a plumber for pipe repair or you may even need to replace you pipes entirely. Outdoor pipes, pipes in unheated areas, and pipes that run along uninsulated exterior walls in your home can burst if the water in them freezes and expands.

That happen back in 2020 when a majority of homes needed to repipe their plumbing because of the 100 year freeze that happened in our area. This scenario doesn’t happen that often but from time to time you may need to consider repiping your home.

Signs Your Home May Need Repiping

Are you noticing more and more leaks popping up in your house over the last few years?

It may be time to consider a whole-home repipe. Repiping your home likely will be the largest plumbing repair you’ve ever faced, but the investment is well worth the peace of mind for decades to come.

Is your house more than 50 years old?

Older homes near Magnolia, Conroe, Spring & Montgomery were mostly piped with galvanized steel, or sometimes cast iron. These materials are likely to corrode and decay, which can cause unexpected and costly leaks in your home. Your home will greatly benefit from replacing these old materials with newer plastic piping such as PEX and CPVC.

Contact the Local Plumbing Repipe Specialist

Contact our licensed plumbers to learn more about our expert repipe capabilities, and to see if your Magnolia area home is a good candidate for repiping. If you believe your home is in need of a repipe, call Bradbury Brothers at (936) 271-2030.

We offer free, same day estimates on whole-home repipes.

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