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How Does a Water Filtration System Work?

Water filtration refers to any system or process used to filter out, remove or treat unwanted and undesirable chemicals, particles, contaminants or pollutants from the water in your home. You and your family want the cleanest water for your Woodlands and Spring, TX area home and a water filtration system is the perfect solution.

Types of Water Filter & Treatment Systems for Your Home

Depending on your need and budget there are multiple water filtration system options for you and your family to choose from and help solve your water purification needs.

  • Whole Home Filtration

    This system connects to your main water line entering your home and treats all water dispensers that include faucets, toilets, baths, bathroom, kitchen and laundry. This type of system protects your whole home and plumbing systems as well as your drinking water. Think of this solution as taking care of everything that you want it to.


    • Better tasting and smelling water in your home.
    • Healthier water for you and your family.
    • Covers your entire home.
    • The only truly effective shower filter.
    • Less repairs on your pipes and plumbing system over time.
  • Point of Use Water Filtration System

    This type of water treatment system filters water at the “point” where your water is being used and installed at one single water connection. This is normally under you sink in your kitchen or maybe even in your bathroom. It allows you purified water when you want it for drinking, cooking or bathing.


    • Remove lead from drinking water.
    • Higher quality drinking water than refrigerator or pitcher filters.
    • Clean, healthy water that cost less than bottled water.

What’s in my water?

Even though we feel the water we drink and bathe with is clean and we have nothing to worry about, all sources of water has some level of contamination. In most areas, your home’s water does meet the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act standard. Unfortunately there are only a small percentage of them that are regulated leaving thousands of chemicals that may not be under the government standard.

The vast majority of contaminant levels in our homes are normally not high enough to cause immediate sickness or something that you notice. But over longer periods of time you or someone in your home could have a chronic health issue that may have been triggered by the daily water you use.

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