How to Know When Your Garbage Disposal Needs to be ReplacedGarbage disposals should last longer than you would think. Most come with a warranty, but if your disposal was already in place when you bought your home, you might be unclear about its age. A garbage disposal can last 8-15 years. A twelve-year lifespan is average.

You May Need a New Garbage Disposal if . . .

  • It clogs – A garbage disposal’s job is to break down larger food waste. If your disposal clogs or jams frequently, don’t try to “make it work.” If you force the issue, the motor could overheat; you’ll need a new garbage disposal. (Motors sometimes cost as much as a new unit.)
  • It doesn’t work – If flipping the switch and/or resetting the circuit breaker to the kitchen doesn’t help, it’s time to call us. Without the proper training and tools, a DIY (do-it-yourself) fix may make it worse. If it’s fixable, we will do just that. If not, you may need a new garbage disposal.
  • It is noisy – Garbage disposals have their own kind of humming noise when they’re working properly, and a metallic, clinking noise when they’re not working. Your unit may simply need a tune-up, or it could be time for a new garbage disposal.
  • It leaks – A leaking garbage disposal is certainly a red flag, and shouldn’t be ignored. You may need your plumbing professional to seal the inner workings, but if the unit is cracked; it’s time for a new garbage disposal.
  • It smells bad – If you’ve tried baking soda and vinegar, lemon juice, soaps and caustic chemicals (not a great idea), and there’s still a foul odor coming from your garbage disposal, it’s time to call us. We’ll disassemble and clean it, but if it’s going to continue to trap food (which causes the stink), we’ll probably recommend a new garbage disposal.

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